Privacy Policy

When it comes to share your feedback with us, you will need to share your contact details with us. Your contact details will be saved to our servers till we don’t reply your issues. These contact details can include following details.

  • You will need to share your Name, your Email Address and may your other contact details with us. These contact details are used so that our team can easily resolve your issues as soon as possible.

Once your email us, you can relax because your contact details will not saved with anyone who can use these details for any kind of advertisement services.

We can also access your web browsing history and that web history is saved as cookies in your drive. You can any time enable or disable your cookies permission any time. These cookies are used so that you can have accurate and most relevant Google ads at your home page.

Our team makes sure that any member or website visitor who is under the age of 14 must not share their details with us. We never ask children so give their name, email address or contact number with our team. Our team also changes the privacy policy guidelines so that our team members can have more peaceful experience with our website.

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